Limo Bar Crawl
Picture of a bachelorette bar crawl scavenger hunt limo

The best perks of hiring a limo:

a) You get to wear your highest stiletto heels that you love the most but never wear cause they have a 2 hour limit!

b) You arrive like a rockstar at all the bars on the crawl, let’s face it, all eyes will be on you when you arrive at the bar like a total rockstar!

c) You get a home base to meet up at, you can party inside as the night progressing and things get messy.

d) You get a free ride home!

So you’ve decided to go all out, channel your Carrie Bradshaw alter ego and just do it in style. Hiring a limo for your Bachelorette is so worth every penny. Yes it’s going to be expensive, but get over it. The fun you’ll have with your ladies crusin the streets, decked out in your highest Dinosaur heels, will be a once in a lifetime experience.

The other best part about hiring a Limo is that you don’t have to worry about getting lost as the night goes on! You have your home base, to meet back at, so when it’s getting sloppy you can just hang out and party in the Limo as it tranforms into a nightclub! Lastly the other thing people forget to think about, is you get a free ride home! How perfect!