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Ok so it’s time to say good-bye to your single days and what better way to go out with the best party ever … no boys allowed! Forget the tiaras, pink glitter, stupid straws and silly cringe worthy hats. Let’s do it right. Here are our top 10 Bachelorette party ideas we know will give you the best party ever!

1. Limo it! Forget hiking it in your favorite heels and hauling ass bar to bar! Why not cruise in style with your very own personal chauffeur. Take it up a notch and get a Limo Hummer and enjoy luxury celeb style.

2. Cocktail Mixology Course. Attending a cocktail making course at a downtown bar is a great way to get the night started off right. You guys get to learn how to make the perfect Cosmo, Tea infused Daiquiri.

3. Drag Queen Shows. Let’s face it. Queens do it best and truly know how to let their hair down and have a great time. Most Drag clubs usually offer dinner too which makes life easy and then you have the rest of the evening to crawl the night away.

4. Pool Side Party. Ok so for summer Bachelorettes, there is no better way then to start off with hitting a Bar. Poolside. Most decent city hotels usually have roof top pools that allow guest access.

5. Blow Outs, Pedis and Manis. Get ready all together like you used to back in High School. Feel pampered, groomed and ready to hit the town with sexy flowing locks. Get your nails all painted the same color, get crazy 80s JBF hair. It’s so fun to really turn it up a notch and get glammed up with your girlfriends before starting your bar crawl.

6. Ceramics Class. Channel the sexy Ghost Demi Moore vibe take a class together and make a cup, bowl or planter pot 😉 It’s super slimy fun!

7. Art Class / Body Painting. If you’re feeling gutsy and down to it, going to a body painting class altogether is a great way to get creative and just be silly. The alternative lower key option is to attend a regular life drawing art class, often many of these classes provide wine.

8. Blow off some carbs with Pole Dancing. Pole Dancing is actually not as hard as it looks. It’s surprisingly easy and super fun. The real pole dancing teachers are also very fit and totally fun to watch as they teach you the steps and moves.

9. Set a color theme, all dress up in red, black or gold. Why not pimp it up and pick a color you’re all going to wear to the party. For one it’ll make for excellent party pics, ones you’re going to share for a lifetime together. Secondly, it’ll make it easier to spot one another as the night gets going!

10. Karaoke. Singing stupid love songs from Celine Dion to Madonna to Lady Gaga and Beyone is the perfect end to a great Bachelorette party and go out on a song!

11. Go on a bar crawl with us 😉 and we’ll show you a real good time!