Our Crawl Masters

Meet The Hosts Of Our Bar Crawl Adventures!

Our Team

Meet Our Crawl Masters

Our Crawl Masters are the heart and soul of our company.  We only hire top notch people with experience in the entertainment industry.  They provide a fun and interactive experience for all our guests.


Crawl Master


Crawl Master


Crawl Master


Crawl Master


Crawl Master


Crawl Master


Crawl Master


Crawl Master


Crawl Master

“You and your friends will have a blast on our one of a kind bar crawl scavenger hunt.” 

Richard Adamy CEO

Why Choose Us

Epic Bar Crawls And Scavenger Hunt Parties

Our mission from day one has been to create a unique, exciting and entertaining experience for all of our guests.  We build our crawls to ensure everyone participates and has an epic time at your party.  


Custom Crawls

Fill out our simple questionnaire and we create a unique party experience for every crawl.


Original Content

All of our trivia, scavenger hunts and team challenges are created by our in house content writing team.

Our Expertise

9 Years of Experience & Thousands Of Bar Crawls Later

During a Get-A-Clue™ bar crawl scavenger hunt, crawlers will compete at each bar.  Teams will answer themed trivia, complete fun challenges, and find scavenger items and, of course, drink. Teams compete with one another in this trivia-challenge-clue race vying to be the first to reach the final bar and be declared the winners. But no matter who wins, everyone reunites at the final bar to share stories and photos of their adventures. Let’s get crawling!