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Looking for a unique affordable way to celebrate an upcoming corporate party or team building event? Our custom bar crawl scavenger hunt parties are the perfect way to ensure your team or company has an unforgettable time! 

Themed Bar Crawls

Team Parties

Don’t settle for the same lackluster events at bowling alleys and escape rooms for your next corporate party. Book a Get-A-Clue bar crawl scavenger hunt today and we’ll show you why so many companies have chosen Get-A-Clue for their corporate parties. Our crawls are a great way for your crew to have fun while simultaneously building long lasting bonds and relationships with each other.  Our holiday themed bar crawls are also a creative option for your next holiday office party.  Our corporate events can be customized to include food and beverage.  Book your next corporate event with us and give your team a fun adventure.

About our bar crawl scavenger hunts

Team Building

Our team building bar crawl events include multiple teams that compete on a 4-6 bar crawl route. These events are customized to fit any size group. Your teams will race from bar to bar to compete to answer company trivia, find scavenger hunt items and perform team building challenges at each bar. Customized to meet your corporate group’s team building goals. Our crawls are designed to keep your teams entertained, engaged and motivated throughout the entire crawl. Design your own trivia and team building challenges or answer a few questions and we do the rest.  Your entire team will have a blast.  

Get A Clue Bar Crawl Testimonials


Want to sponsor an exciting event at your next convention? Look no further than Get-A-Clue bar crawl scavenger hunts and don’t let the socializing end when the convention center closes.  We plan crawls at convention locations so you can mingle with your colleagues in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  We can set up corporate sponsors at each bar or one company can sponsor the entire event.  Set up a table and your corporate banner at one of our bars or have different corporate sponsors at each bar and use this opportunity to market your company or companies to all the attendees.  Book your next convention event as a Get A Clue bar crawl.

Exceptional Entertainment

We crafted an alternative to the same boring corporate parties and team building events. Our corporate team building bar crawl scavenger hunts are hosted by a Get-A-Clue personal tour guide AKA a Crawl Master.  Hop from bar to bar while searching for clues, answering themed & personalized company trivia questions and performing team building challenges.  Our events are a structured but flexible way to bring your team closer together. Every event is meant to help your group not only enjoy a few laughs, but also rely on each other to find answers to cleverly constructed clues in our adult scavenger hunt. Corporate team building has never been this engaging, fresh and fun! 

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Our Corporate Event Pricing

Affordable Pricing Plans

We have different pricing options for your special occasion based on how many guests you are inviting to your party. Just make a small deposit to reserve  your corporate bar crawl date and get the planning started. 

The Mini

15- 30 Guests


$115 PP

The Standard

30-60 Guests


$105 PP


60 + Guests


$95 PP
Over 250 US Bar Crawl Locations

We’ve had so much interest in our crawls nationally we continue to add locations. If you don’t see your desired crawl area, please contact us and we can determine if we can create a new location especially for your group.  

      Award Winning

      Bar Crawl Parties

      Our mission from day one has been to create a unique, exciting and entertaining experience for all of our guests.  We build our crawls to engage all players to ensure everyone participates and has an epic time at your party.  

      Richard A. Adamy, CEO

      Corporate Bar Crawl Party

      “You and your friends and employees will have a blast on our one of a kind corporate team building bar crawl scavenger hunt.” 

      Ansley Adamy, COO, Get A Clue Crawls